Above Steven & Michael winners in our Battle of the Champions Summer 2015

One parents letter 8/14/15


We went to Victor's new school yesterday and on his own he walked to, introduced himself clearly, and shook the hand of every teacher!! This is new for him! I didn't want to make him self conscious over it by asking about it but I am guessing it had something to do with your YSTA over the summer? Thank you! I was very proud of him handling himself so well.

Julie K.


YSTA- is about building confidence. It's about giving a young adult a head start.  See, the (students speak-up) on our website.

Please share our program information with your children, your school, your church, and your friends.

Helping our future leaders "Build a Toolbox" is a very special feeling.

See our first speech contest winner, 12 year old Chole below.. "Pulling Weeds to Picking Stocks" @ Madeira Beach Middle School, 2007 


  • Building a Toolbox is designed so the student enjoys public speaking. Our program consists of the parts below.
  • Some may ask why teach public speaking to children?  Reading York's Story I hope will help.
  1. Extemporaneous / impromptu speaking-called Table Topics (T T) perfect for job interviews?
  2. Some  speech title ideas: 1)  About Me, 2)  My Passion,  3) How could I change the world?   4) Video - Why I want to be a nominee for President of the United States. Speech times 2-4 min. See: Building a Speech
  3. Learn the art of speech evaluation - every time you give a speech you get evaluated.?
  4. Learn to eliminate filler words like: so, and, you-know, like, hm, ah, and more?.
  • The Toolbox is a metaphor for the brain. Each time you speak or evaluate, you add another tool to the Toolbox .  Each tool, eye contact, vocal variety etc, will build confidence. See what the students say?
  •  Did you have this opportunity to conquer public speaking at age 10 or 11 like the group below?  Most adults always answer no.  This is your chance to give a child the chance "To Build that Toolbox"

Open the door to public speaking, and they will amaze you!


Speech winners Fall 2015
Kids love public speaking





Building a Toolbox